Aluminum Mini Blinds

Superior Quality Built to Last… Our Aluminum horizontal blinds feature a heavy-duty line of stamped metal providing for maximum strength and resistance to corrosion. Our 8-gage slats are fabricated aluminum alloy. When formed during production, this alloy increases stability, creating a spring reaction the resist dents or bends in the aluminum slats. All aluminum slats have a signature pre-coating, which acts as an anti-static dust repellent. To ensure product reliability, all aluminum blinds headrails and bottom rails are made of phosphate treated steel, finished with vinyl primer and a top layer of polyester baked coating.

Features & Benefits of OUR Aluminum Blinds:

  • Affordable Style
  • Easy to Clean
  • Motorized Tilt
  • Sturdy, Scratch & Dent Resistant
  • UV Protection for Interior Spaces
  • Moisture Resistant
  • Fire Retardant

Why you’ll Love Aluminum Blinds… Available in ½”, 1”, and 2” slat sizes to custom fit your window. They provide the widest color selection of any window treatments. Aluminum mini blinds can be customized to fit any uniquely-shaped window and are ideal option for Large windows. Our moisture-resistant blinds have a dust resistant finish, making them easy to clean. A timeless, classic look, while proving you the ability to control light and privacy.

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