Shutter Base Wood

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Please read our description before ordering.

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Texas Built “Quality you can Trust”… Our premium wood shutters are built with the most advance technologies to ensure precision design and constant quality control.

Shutter Size

Min. Width: 20″   Max. Widhth: 35″

Min. Length: 40″  Max. Length 70″

Louver Size:  More details click here

  • 2-1/2”  suggested depth 1-1/2″
  • 3-1/2” suggested depth 2″
  • & 4-1/2 suggested depth 2-1/2″

Tilt Rod: More details click here

  • Classic Style with front tilt-rod control
  • Clear-Line feature with hidden tilt-rod

Color Shade: More details click here

  • Customize the color of your shutter, these are our colors.



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